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What's happening at the SWS

James Auten of the National Weather Service will be there doing the spotter training. If haven't been to a NWS training you'll be amazed at what you'll pick up about the who-when-what-where and how of weather spotting.

Thom Beebe W9RY the state section manager of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) will introduce you to Amateur Radio. How to get a license and all the privileges' of your ham ticket

Robert Littler, W9SDR ARRL's emergency communications section manager for Illinois will explain how you can put your radio hobby to good use helping your community and make it Safer

Bob Doty from the Illinois Fire Service Institute at the U of I will tell us all about the Incident Command System and how First Responders organize them selves during large scale emergencies with ICS.

Ralph Rounds will give us some expert advice on how you can set up your home weather station and various internet sties

Melinda King, a storm/photographer will relate to us all of her experiences chasing storms in and around Toledo, IL

It will be a fun filled and very informative day on a cold Winter's Saturday.

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